About CyberMaxx

We built CyberMaxx with one goal in mind: to be your trusted partner in the fight against today’s advanced cybersecurity threats.

We’re Proud To Serve As An Extension Of Your Team

Equipped with a 24/7/365 security operations center and a team of leading cybersecurity experts, our managed security services were designed to help you increase compliance, eliminate talent shortages, and keep your organization out of the headlines and enable you to become the security leader you strive to be.

“CyberMaxx transformed my security team bringing me capabilities all security leaders struggle to find and keep.”

Andy Heins, VP Information Security at LifePoint Health

Our Approach

With more than 15 years of experience, we’ve discovered that there are three areas of focus that must be performed with precision in order to prevent, detect, and respond to cyber attacks effectively. This approach is based on the equal importance of three distinct pillars of cybersecurity: people, process, and technology.


We’re proud to provide team of distinguished leading cybersecurity professionals focused solely on protecting our customers 24/7/365.


We’ve designed our processes around the limited budgets, talent shortages, compliance requirements, and evolving advanced threats you’re forced to face everyday.


We developed proprietary technology designed to be tailored specifically to your organization’s needs. We then pair the technology with our unmatched threat intelligence.

Voted One Of The 20 Most Promising Cyber Solutions

-CIO Review-

Leadership You Can Trust

When evaluating cybersecurity vendors, we know that the team members you’ll work alongside matter. That’s why we’re passionate about serving as your trusted partner and extension of your security team.

Thomas Lewis
Founder & CEO

Thomas draws on more than twenty years of experience as a business leader and information security professional to help clients manage their security program within the context of the business’ overall risk environment.


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Thomas has assembled a team of seasoned and nationally recognized security professionals, all of whom provide a real-world perspective to government agencies and contractors, healthcare providers and payers, and other organizations with complex security requirements.


Thomas helps his clients turn their security efforts into a competitive advantage by:

  • Designing, developing and implementing comprehensive security programs that meet the needs of the executive boardroom as well as the security and compliance offices
  • Performing assessments that eliminate gaps in compliance with PCI and FISMA standards and other security frameworks
  • Enabling CMS contractors to reduce audit findings and qualify for performance awards and contracts through practical roadmaps to remediation


Before joining LBMC, Thomas co-founded a managed security services company, which became LBMC Managed Security Services in 2008, and before that he established and ran a security consulting company. Combined with about ten years as an information security professional with national accounting and consulting firms, this entrepreneurial experience has given Thomas the insight to understand information security issues from a business leader’s perspective.


“Thomas not only demonstrated an impeccable grasp of the information security, IT controls, governance, and risk management domain but more importantly understood it in the context of our business and industry.” –CSO client


Jason Riddle
President & COO

Jason is an information systems security professional with over fifteen years of experience in broad technical expertise and experience with a variety of industries including healthcare, financial services, and retail.


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Prior to joining CyberMaxx, Jason gained practical leadership experience as Information Security Officer for a leading financial services company and electronic payments innovator.


During his tenure as their corporate Information Security Officer, he also held the roles of Vice President, Infrastructure Services; Vice President, IT Product Delivery & Security; and Director, IT Security & Compliance. Notable accomplishments included attaining ISO 27001 certification and PCI-DSS compliance for the company.


Jason also spent six years with a regional information security consulting firm as a senior consultant performing HIPAA, PCI, and SOX compliance gap analysis and validation consulting, including audit services, policy development and strategic planning; technical security testing, including network vulnerability assessments, application assessments, and penetration testing; security architecture and design consulting; as well as preparing and presenting Executive and Technical Reports.


The early portion of his professional career included positions as network and systems administrator and information security team leader. He is a veteran of the U.S. Navy, Submarine Force.


Frank Knobbe
Founder & CTO

Frank has an uncommon ability to think at a detailed “packet” level, while never forgetting the larger business context. As a result, he understands his clients’ fundamental security issues and is able to design custom tools and approaches that are targeted to their needs.


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In his role, Frank oversees the development and delivery of highly responsive and innovative intrusion detection and prevention services to address a wide range of security concerns.

With more than two decades of Information Technology experience, Frank began consulting on network security in the mid-nineties and focused on and intrusion prevention and detection in the late nineties. In 2002, Frank co-founded a managed security services company, which became an independent affiliate of LBMC in 2008.

Frank has written various tools, web applications and software applications throughout his career. After pioneering the concept of distributed intrusion prevention through the development of a highly regarded open-source utility—SnortSAM—Frank applied his insights to create a new type of prevention system that is the heart of LBMC’s innovative and proprietary managed IPS/IDS appliances.

His security experience includes firewalls, VPNs, token authentication, cryptographic protocols, certificates and key management, intrusion detection and prevention systems, sniffers and packet analyzers, TCP/IP and Internet protocols, vulnerability analysis and penetration testing, network and system security, web application and systems programming, web application assessments and code review, and forensics and expert witness testimony.  He has extensive network and systems management experience, and he has successfully managed a variety of large integration and migration projects.


“I felt like I was just a number to other large vendors, while CyberMaxx feels like part of our own team.”

Robert Banniza, Associate VP Information Security at Amsurg

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CyberMaxx is a part of LBMC Information Security and the LBMC family of companies.