Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

Predictable SIEM Cost with White Glove Security Coverage. It’s a Win-Win.

CyberMaxx's MAXX SIEM has Predictable Cost with White-glove Security Coverage

Don’t Let Unpredictable SIEM Costs Hurt Your Budget

SIEM providers typically work with organizations to determine which data to consume but cannot provide accurate estimates of the corresponding storage costs. This forces IT teams to make important security decisions without clarity on budget impact. Increased IT spending and reliance on cloud platforms only compound this problem.

CyberMaxx offers predictable monthly SIEM costs so you can stay within budget without compromising security.

Cloud-based cyber security information and event management used to gain critical insight needed to protect your network & meet compliance regulations.

MAXX SIEM Cloud Protection

Data Defense System Backed by a 24/7/365 Cybersecurity Operations Center

Offering tighter integration, rapid data queries, and drastically-reduced deployment times thanks to a cloud-native serverless infrastructure, MAXX SIEM is regulatory-compliant & purpose-driven managed SIEM solution you can count on.

MAXX SIEM is reliable, scalable, and equipped with AI and Machine Learning features that make threat detection data automated and efficient, filtering away the noise so you can focus on the data that matters.

How It Works
We’ll provide you a purpose-built SIEM sensor to collect and correlate logs from your SIEM system. From there, it’s sent to our 24/7/365 managed security operations center for expert analysis.
Immediate Alerts
When a security event matches a use-case, our analysts respond by validating the issue and generating an immediate alert so you can respond quickly and minimize the impact of the security threat.
Scalable Protection
Growing fast? As your business grows, so does the complexity of your network. Our security monitoring services are designed to keep pace – which means when you grow, we grow with you.
Predictable Costs
CyberMaxx allows you to pay by the number of log sources rather than amount of storage. This provides IT teams with predictable monthly SIEM costs.
Why CyberMaxx

MAXX SIEM Features and Benefits:

  • Purpose-built solution: A purpose-built security solution to capture log files that will be sent to our 24/7/365 Security Operations Center.
  • Reliable and scalable platform: A reliable and scalable managed security service with automatic allocation with a data increase.
  • Automated and efficient analysis: AI and machine learning that makes data analysis for threat hunting automated and efficient.
  • A faster security solution: Filters the noise so you have actionable data.
  • Cloud-native: Cloud-native for tighter integration.
  • More than just data: Data-analysis rather than simply a cybersecurity use-case
Security Information and Event Management SIEM

Free Guide to Predictable SIEM Costs

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  • IT spending trends impacting CISOs
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  • How unpredictable IT spending is affecting healthcare organizations
  • And more
Cloud Range Managed Security Service Provider Elite Partner Badge

Proactive Cyber Readiness That Generates Confidence

The number and sophistication of cyberattacks continue to increase, which is why it’s crucial to have combat-hardened experts anchoring your cyber defenses. As an Elite MSSP Partner with Cloud Range, CyberMaxx’s security team gains hands-on, live-combat training and experience in a simulated SOC environment. The virtual cyber range solution allows our people – and your organization – to stay ahead of forthcoming threats.

Cloud Range empowers us to practice defending against real threats in a safe environment that emulates our complex network. That ensures our team has the methodologies, qualifications, skills, and judgment to defend against even the latest cyber threats. The ongoing program also creates muscle memory, which further prepares cyber defenders to act quickly and effectively during an incident.

Know exactly how prepared the people are who protect your organization.

CyberMaxx’s hands-on simulation training with Cloud Range yields measurable results (metrics and reporting) about the performance of our security personnel, demonstrating exactly how well they can detect, respond to, and remediate virtually any attack.

Hope is not a strategy when it comes to protecting mission-critical networks and data. As a customer engaging with and evaluating an MSSP, you shouldn’t just hope that they can do the job. Customers should know exactly how prepared their MSSP is to protect their organization. And by “know,” we mean that customers should have concrete data that demonstrates cyber readiness. Our continued partnership with Cloud Range ensures that our team is properly prepared, and our customers can rest easy knowing experienced defenders are protecting their mission-critical networks and data.

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