MaxxMDR Bundles


Managed Detection and Response Bundles

Our Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services empower customers to detect, analyze, investigate, and actively respond through threat disruption and containment. MaxxMDR Bundles allow our customers to improve their defensive security with proactive services in a concise and unified way.

Each bundle offers a combination of proactive services selected to surface common misconfigurations and vulnerabilities that often lead to security breaches.

Managed Detection and Response Bundles

By adding proactive security services, we are able to tune key areas where security incidents often happen to create a stronger environment for our team to detect and respond.

MaxxMDR Advanced
MaxxMDR Premium
  • 24/7 Monitoring & Management​
  • Alert Escalation
  • Containment through EDR API
  • Includes MaxxMDR
  • Annual Security Configuration Assessment (M365/Azure, Active Directory, AWS & GCP)
  • Semi-Annual Hunt & Detect in EDR
  • Annual IR or BCDR Tabletop
  • Password Hash Strength Testing
  • Deception Tokens Deployment and Monitoring
  • Discounted Advanced DFIR Rates
  • Includes MDR Advanced
  • Quarterly Hunt & Detect in EDR
  • Hardware-based Deception Tokens
  • Endpoint Purple Team
  • Annual External Penetration Test
  • Annual VIP Public Data Reconnaissance
  • Further Discounts on Advanced DFIR Rates
MaxxMDR Bundles

Why Bundles?

Combining MaxxMDR with our proactive services can let the findings inform our defensive monitoring for a much stronger security posture.

Additional benefits include:

  • Proactive + Defensive: Clean up your environment to make the monitoring more effective
  • More with Less: Accomplish the must-have offensive security work and the nice-to-have without adding more work to your security team
  • One Vendor: Improve your security posture without onboarding multiple new vendors and asking for more budget

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Proactive Security Services

In addition to the 24/7/365 monitoring and management, the MaxxMDR bundles strengthen your defense with the following proactive security services.

Security Configuration Assessment (Advanced and Premium Bundles)

The first step in enabling proactive security to fuel defensive monitoring; security configuration assessments are essential for safeguarding sensitive information and maintaining overall security posture.

Benefits to you:

  • Identify system vulnerabilities
  • Enhance security posture
  • Be proactive in prevention
  • Gain compliance
  • Develop skills and share knowledge

Password Hash Strength Assessment (Annual) (Advanced and Premium Bundles)

Testing password hashes ensures that the deployed hashing algorithms are effective in protecting passwords – an important proactive tactic to ensure the security of your systems and the protection of data from potential breaches.

Benefits to you:

  • Verification of hashing algorithms strength
  • Assess resistance to brute-force attacks
  • Identify weak or common passwords
  • Evaluate effectiveness of password salting

IR or BCDR Tabletop Exercise (Advanced and Premium Bundles)

Regulations, laws, and standards require formal documentation for internal cybersecurity policy, standards, and procedures. Many of these requirements also require training and testing of the plans and procedures. A tabletop exercise is a low-stress and low-cost way to test those plans and procedures.

Benefits to you:

  • Test your incident response process
  • Assess the business continuity of key employees
  • Simulate an event for your disaster recovery process

Hunt and Detect (Within Your EDR Tool) (Advanced and Premium Bundles)

Threat hunting is an essential offensive security tactic to help customers identify malicious behavior and get ahead of emerging breaches. By being proactive, customers are able to gain new information about their environment and bolster their defensive security efforts.

Benefits to you:

  • Uncover threats before they cause damage
  • Faster detection and response
  • Reduced impact of breaches
  • Enhanced threat intelligence
  • Improved detection capabilities

Deployment of Deception Tokens (Advanced and Premium Bundles)

Deception tokens are a proactive measure that creates attractive targets for attackers, as well as a valuable way to monitor who within the organization is attempting to access to critical data without proper access.

Benefits to you:

  • Early detection of unauthorized access
  • Misdirection away from critical assets
  • Reduced dwell time
  • Proactively engage and thwart potential threats

Endpoint Purple Team (Premium Bundles)

The CyberMaxx Purple Team simulates real-world attacks to assess standard corporate endpoint or server security controls ability to detect and contain cyber security events. As a result, you get data-backed confidence in the effectiveness of the controls, identified gaps, and recommendations for improvements.

Benefits to you:

  • Stronger endpoint security posture
  • Reduce the likelihood of successful attacks
  • Understand why any attacks were missed and work together with CyberMaxx on detection logic improvements

Annual External Penetration Test (Premium Bundles)

An external penetration test is a proactive attempt to evaluate the security of an organization’s external-facing footprint across cloud, data center, and office networks and applications by simulating a real-world cyberattack.

Benefits to you:

  • Identify security vulnerabilities within your environments
  • Ranked-findings based on a risk analysis of those vulnerabilities
  • One retest within 6 months to test the efficacy of vulnerability patches

VIP Public Data Reconnaissance (Premium Bundles)

A custom analysis of data that may be available on the Internet about key individuals within your organization that can be used by third-parties during a breach attempt or other attacks on key individuals within the organization.

Benefits to you:

  • Uncover potentially risky personal information such as birthdays, addresses, social security numbers, etc., that is accessible publicly.
  • Full report with recommendations on how to handle any sensitive data we find

Discounted DFIR Rates (Advanced and Premium Bundles)

With the MDR Advanced and Premium Bundles, Client will be eligible to purchase DFIR hours at a reduced rate.

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