About Us

CyberMaxx empowers customers to Assess, Monitor, and Manage cyber risk and stay ahead of emerging threats through a unique combination of MDR Services, Offensive Security, Governance, Risk & Compliance, and Security Control Management.

The CyberMaxx Mission​

At CyberMaxx, we believe it is our duty to defend against those committed to wide-scale societal disruption through cyber attacks. ​

We wake up every day to serve our customers, and we embrace the cyber badge-of-honor that we carry and proudly stand shoulder to shoulder with all other industry cyber-defenders in this noble cause.

Philosophy and Approach​

Using an “Offense fuels defense” approach for cybersecurity, we put ourselves in the adversaries’ shoes to craft security controls that stay ahead of threats.​

We also understand the value strong relationships have on boosting security posture. Rather than deploying standardized, one-size-fits-all solutions, we put in the time to build trust and thoroughly understand the unique concerns of every customer — allowing us to assess and manage your cyber risks properly.​

At CyberMaxx, we think like an adversary, but we defend like a guardian.

Our leadership team is focused on driving our client-centric approach.


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