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By 2025, the cyber insurance gross written premiums are expected to be worth $20 billion.

With most companies expected to face some sort of cyberattack every five to seven years, it’s important to think about protecting networks and devices from a potential infiltration.

Now add that the average ransomware payment in 2021 was $812k, having an MDR provider to protect those networks and devices is an important decision to undertake.

CyberMaxx partners with companies in order to help protect themselves from bad actors aiming at leveraging ransomware as an easy payday.

With over 20 years of experience as a leading provider of cyber security solutions, CyberMaxx has a proven track record of helping organizations protect their networks and devices from threats. We work closely with in-house teams to create a unified front against cyber attacks, and our experience and expertise are unmatched in the industry.

With MDR services that cover:

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99% Retention Rate
With a client roster of over 1,000 locations, we keep customers happy to the tune of a 99% retention rate.
A Tailor-Made Experience
Our approach adapts as your business does with a comprehensive suite of security programs to anticipate, defend, and eliminate security threats in real-time.

“83% of all C-Level respondents in a recent global study reported that their company is not adequately protected against cyber threats.”

Munich Re, 2022
Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware attacks are a serious problem that can have devastating consequences.

Ransomware has become a major problem for both insurers and the organizations they protect. This destructive malware can encrypt important data and hold it hostage until a ransom is paid.

  • Last year saw a sharp increase in ransomware attacks, with a reported 51% surge compared to 2020.
  • Adjusted losses for 2021 totaled more than $49 million, a nearly 69% increase in 2020 that accounted for $29.2 million in losses.
  • Ransomware payments have reached new heights in 2021, with the average payment hitting $821k. That’s a 79% increase from 2020 payment amounts which were $170k.
  • Ransomware was involved in 75% of all cyber insurance claims during the first half of 2021.