From on-premise security to cloud-based computing, our MAXX Network provides around-the-clock security monitoring to help your organization combat today’s advanced threats.

Maxx Network Threat Intelligence for AWS and Azure

You’ve got a budget, an evolving risk profile, and no shortage of advancing threats. MAXX Network can help.

MAXX Network is designed to nimbly grow alongside your business while providing around-the-clock security monitoring tailored to your budget and needs, making it the perfect choice to help your organization combat both present and future cybersecurity risks.


your business move closer to a threat-free existence

How It Works

With proprietary technology, a team of experts, and unmatched threat intelligence, we identify hostile activity in real-time and take immediate action to thwart threatening network traffic.

24/7/365 Monitoring

Our team of experts work around-the-clock so you can sleep peacefully at night knowing that we’re protecting your organization from advanced threats to your network.

Scalable Protection

Growing fast? We provide expert monitoring for extremely high performance networks with low tolerance for latency – which means when you grow, we grow with you.

MAXX Network
Features and Benefits



A purpose-built virtual or physical sensor installed in your environment.

Strong Cloud Support

Supports AWS and Azure environments.

Prevention And Detection

Cutting edge intelligence and anomaly-based prevention and detection.


15+ Years of Experience

15+ years of global healthcare-specific threat intelligence.

More Protection

Dramatically more protection than a next-generation firewall.

Confidence & Peace of Mind

We find the activity that matters most, giving confidence and peace of mind.

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