Organizations today face a complex set of cybersecurity challenges that are evolving at an impossible pace; including the increasing frequency and sophistication of cyber attacks, compounded by the pace of technology innovation. At the same time, cybersecurity professionals are facing the same internal cost and resource pressures as other functions, regardless of the critical risk to the organization if their defenses fail.

We’re thrilled to announce today that CyberMaxx has acquired CipherTechs to combine capabilities and address these challenges through a comprehensive set of cyber risk management solutions built on best-in-class technologies and a depth of cyber expertise. The “new” CyberMaxx enables customers to stay ahead of the evolving threat landscape by leveraging the insights from Offensive and DFIR engagements to strengthen their Defensive security. We think like an adversary but defend like a guardian.

As a tech-enabled security services company, CyberMaxx has a proven track record of helping customers assess, monitor, and manage cyber risk. The combination of CyberMaxx and CipherTechs brings a full range of tech-enabled cybersecurity solutions, including Offensive Security Services (Red Team, Penetration Testing, Web Application Testing, Ransomware Readiness Assessments), Defensive Security Services (Blue Team, XDR/MDR/EDR Managed Security, Security Controls Management), Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR), and Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) Services, enabled through both proprietary security technology and 3rd party product sourcing from best in class security platforms like Crowdstrike, SentinelOne, Tenable, Qualys, Splunk & Devo to name a few.

With more than 400 customers and over 140 cybersecurity professionals, CyberMaxx and CipherTechs have been serving customers for more than two decades and have each built an incredible team and industry-leading offerings. Many companies offer offensive (Red Team) or defensive (Blue Team) solutions, but very few have the full- breadth that CyberMaxx is now able to deliver from within a single organization. One of the things I most admire about both companies is the passion, and conviction for the cyber-mission and the approach they take – both organizations use a “hacker mindset” which enables them to really dig in and provide the greatest protection to our customers. Again, we think like an adversary but defend like a guardian.

This passion and approach really resonated with me. In my own two decades in cyber-security, I have personally witnessed the challenges customers have faced managing the expanding attack surface, the complexity of cyber solutions, and continuing internal pressures on spending. I was drawn to CyberMaxx because I believe we are uniquely capable of helping customers address their cybersecurity challenges because:

  • Our Offense fuels your Defense. Having managed and responded to large-scale ransomware and data theft breaches, our Offensive/DFIR team has experience with well-known threat actors, including REvil, Conti, and Darkside to name a few. Our understanding of their Techniques, Tactics, and Procedures (TTPs), and our analysis of the Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) post-breach, inform our Offensive Security (Red Team) engagements with our customers, taking less of an Audit & Compliance approach, but more of a technical approach to challenge the security controls similar to how disruptive gangs operate. Our findings then help us work with our customers to build more resilient security controls, while also enhancing our Defensive Security (Blue team) detections, investigations, disruptions, and containment. Taking a ‘hacker mindset’, we identify evolving threats before they reach our customers and proactively (vs reactively) help strengthen their defensive cyber posture.With our expansive customer base spread across industries such as healthcare, financial services, technology, industrial/manufacturing, and others, we see more attacks across a larger surface area than an internal cyber team could ever encounter. With the breadth, frequency, and sophistication of the tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) and Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) we experience, we are able to continually enhance our advanced detection library. We maintain and constantly evolve this library of detections based on Offensive findings that are proprietary to CyberMaxx. This provides a depth of MDR expertise, security efficacy, and domain expertise unrivaled by others who only provide Defensive Security services.By becoming our customer’s remote, human-led, threat detection, threat disruption, and threat containment security partner, our customers can spend time remediating risk versus hunting to identify threats.
  • We enable flexibility for customers in designing their cyber strategy. Because we offer a complete mix of cyber risk management services and products, either fully managed or co-managed deployments, we adapt to the specific needs of the customer based on their capabilities and cyber strategy. We have built our offerings on best-in-class technologies (Crowdstrike, Splunk, Devo, SentinelOne, Qualys, Tenable) so as vendors continue to consolidate, our capabilities remain relevant and get stronger. At a time when customers have experienced signal security tools sprawl, this allows vendor reduction and consolidation without compromising security.This provides the power of choice for customers on outsourcing and technology.
  • We operate as an extension of the customer’s team. Our approach is to become an extension of our customer’s team. We are responsive, accountable, and effective at communications across all levels of the customer.

Our joint capabilities and resources allow us to further help our customers strengthen their cybersecurity posture and stay ahead of the evolving threat landscape. Our core mission is to reduce the stress, and give the lives back, of modern-day CISO’s and security teams who increasingly are unfunded, and often undervalued, however, every day on the front lines fighting the good fight.

Together, CyberMaxx & CipherTechs, are better positioned to deliver on our core mission