MaxxMDR by CyberMaxx

CyberMaxx offers MaxxMDR, our next-generation managed detection and response (MDR) solution that helps customers assess, monitor, and manage their cyber risks.

MaxxMDR fuels defensive capabilities with offensive security services, on top of a technology-agnostic deployment model.

Video Transcript

Cyber threats are constantly evolving, and you need a solution that stays one step ahead.

Introducing MaxxMDR by CyberMaxx, the next-generation Managed Detection and Response solution.

Developed through the insights gained from our DFIR, offensive security, and threat hunting, MaxxMDR provides enhanced protection through an advanced detection library proprietary to CyberMaxx.

With MaxxMDR, you can detect and respond to threats as they emerge.

By supplementing a SIEM or EDR tool’s default detection library with advanced insights gained from its Offensive and DFIR work, MaxxMDR strengthens your organization’s defenses and enables you to catch more advanced threats.

MaxxMDR is offered through a flexible deployment model available in both managed and co-managed environments.

The managed solution is delivered on a proprietary analytics engine for organizations looking for a fully outsourced solution.

The co-managed solution is delivered on a third-party SIEM either licensed by CyberMaxx or the customer, and allows the customer more control and access.

Our goal is to provide you with maximum protection through the model that works for you and your team.

CyberMaxx – Think like an adversary, defend like a guardian. Contact us today to learn more about MaxxMDR.