MAXX MDR Security Services

Cybersecurity attacks are on the rise.

CyberMaxx’s MAXX MDR solution is a combination of three proven technologies that drive deeper analysis and more proactive prevention, freeing organizations to focus on their business initiatives at a fraction of the cost (and headache) of managing multiple vendors or building a solution in-house.

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Three tools combined to offer organizations total comprehensive protection of networks and devices.

Think of CyberMaxx combining these powerful services to create a giant robot to battle infiltrating bad actors that sometimes resemble these guys.

With cybersecurity attacks on the rise, MAXX MDR by CyberMaxx was created as a next-generation Managed Detection and Response tool for organizations looking to improve their security posture.


Organizations work with a custom-developed analytics platform that focuses on security threat detection and minimizes false positives, providing unprecedented visibility and noise reduction.

With MAXX Network:

This security service provides around-the-clock security monitoring, tailored to your organization’s unique needs; sensors with a shared security threat model address new and emerging threats.


In partnership with SentinelOne, MAXX EDR service ensures endpoint security, handles containment and remediation, all while safeguarding your network from advanced threats.

These powerful tools are all combined with a 24 x 7 x 365 SOC, where organizations receive around-the-clock management.

CyberMaxx, arm yourself with an MDR service that is a truly holistic approach to cybersecurity. It’s a Win-Win.