CyberMaxx Next-Gen MDR Security Solution Honored for Exceptional Innovation and Successful Deployment Through The Channel

CHICAGO, IL – June 18, 2024 –CyberMaxx, the leading managed detection and response (MDR) provider, today announced that TMC has named MaxxMDR, a next-generation MDR security solution, as a 2024 MSP Today Product of the Year Award winner.

Cyber attack surfaces are changing dramatically, and companies must be agile in today’s environment. MaxxMDR from CyberMaxx takes a modern approach to securing customers’ environments by integrating threat response alongside the monitoring and detection functions of the CyberMaxx Security Operations Center (SOC) on a 24x7x365 basis. When a suspected compromise occurs, we initiate a zero-latency response that provides the necessary action on the event with no downtime in between response steps.

“CyberMaxx’s MDR approach offers a comprehensive solution, providing full response capabilities directly within the SOC,” said Gary Monti, SVP of Operations of CyberMaxx. “Our Threat Response Team is always on duty in our SOC, ready to triage incidents, assess the full scope of compromise, and partner closely with our customers to contain and eliminate cyber threats. This sets us apart from conventional MDR providers who often leave the burden of response, remediation, and threat eviction on already overwhelmed security teams.”

“It gives me great pleasure to honor CyberMaxx as a 2024 recipient of TMC’s MSP Today Product of the Year Award for their innovative solution, MaxxMDR,” said Rich Tehrani, CEO, of TMC. “Our judges were very impressed not only with the features and value of the solution but also with CyberMaxx’s Channel strategy to expand their market share and provide first-class service to their customers.”

Winners of the 2024 MSP Today Product of the Year Award will also be announced online and highlighted in MSP Today.

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About CyberMaxx

CyberMaxx, LLC., founded in 2002, is the leading provider of managed detection and response (MDR), headquartered in New York, NY. CyberMaxx’s managed detection and response solution (MaxxMDR) is designed to be scalable for clients of all sizes, providing protection and improving the organization’s security posture, ultimately giving customers peace of mind that their systems and data are secure. CyberMaxx expanded its capabilities through the 2022 acquisition of CipherTechs, an international cybersecurity company providing a complete cybersecurity portfolio across MDR Services, Offensive Security, Governance, Risk & Compliance, DFIR, and 3rd party security product sourcing.

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