In this fireside chat, CyberMaxx CISO Aaron Shaha, and Triden Group CISO John Caruthers sit down with CyberMaxx’s Director of Engineering Jarod Thompson, to share their thoughts on the evolution of the adversary landscape and how cybersecurity teams need to prepare themselves today. Aaron and John’s roles provide access to over 600 customers collectively giving them insights across an extremely wide and varied attack surface.

They’ll discuss what they are seeing and what’s keeping them up at night, the current threat landscape, and how things are evolving in 2024 and beyond.

Meet The Speakers

Aaron Shaha, CISO


Strategic Information Security Executive and subject matter expert with a record of pioneering cyber security trends by developing novel security tools and techniques that align with corporate objectives. Known for building and leading strong teams that provide technology enabled business solutions for start-ups, industry leaders (Deloitte and its Fortune clients) and government agencies (NSA). Skilled at developing information security strategies and standards, leading threat detection and incident response teams to mitigate risk and communicating effectively across all levels of an organization.

John Caruthers, Exec VP & Chief Information Security Officer

Triden Group

EVP – CISO at Triden Group and the Founder of his own company. John is passionate about helping businesses protect their data, reputation, and customers from cyber threats, and creating innovative solutions that align with their goals and initiatives.

Jarod Thompson, Director of Customer Engineering


Experienced Senior Solutions Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the computer and network security industry.