Customers Love CyberMaxx’s MDR Services [VIDEO]

Maintain compliance, eliminate talent shortages, and protect your organization’s data.

Why CyberMaxx

For most companies, securing their internal and external environments is a top priority. Threats are around every corner, even for the most secure companies: hackers could steal confidential information, corrupt business data, or even bring down an entire network.

When it comes to protecting your business, there’s no room for error — not when everything you’ve worked so hard to build could be at risk. In the digital age, cyber threats can be lurking around every corner. Hackers know that a distracted and unprepared business is an easy target. They’ll work diligently to steal your data, exploit your users, and destroy your reputation.

With more than 20+ years of experience, CyberMaxx discovered that there are three areas of focus that must be performed with precision in order to prevent, detect, and respond to cyber-attacks effectively. This approach is based on the equal importance of three distinct pillars of cybersecurity: people, process, and technology.

CyberMaxx wants to become your MDR provider in order to work diligently to protect your data, your users, and your reputation.

CyberMaxx was built with one goal in mind: to be a leading trusted partner in preventing, detecting, and responding to cyber-attacks.

CyberMaxx 24/7 Coverage

Cybersecurity Protection 24/7/365

CyberMaxx is proud to provide a team of leading cybersecurity professionals focused solely on protecting our customers 24/7/365. When evaluating cybersecurity vendors, we know that the team members you’ll work alongside matter.

That’s why we’re passionate about serving as your trusted partner and extension of your security team.

CyberMaxx is SOC 2® certified.

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99% Retention Rate
With a client roster of over 1,000 healthcare facilities and 40% of the major hospital systems in the U.S., we keep customers happy to the tune of a 99% retention rate.
A Tailor-Made Experience
Our approach adapts as your business does with a comprehensive suite of security programs to anticipate, defend, and eliminate security threats in real-time.
Stronger Defense
CyberMaxx defense solutions are designed to cover more ground and create stronger boundaries, thereby keeping your data, systems, and customers safe while giving you the freedom to focus on what’s most important – your business.
Customers Love CyberMaxx’s MDR Services [VIDEO]

Customers Love CyberMaxx’s MDR/XDR Services

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Proactive Cyber Readiness That Generates Confidence

The number and sophistication of cyberattacks continue to increase, which is why it’s crucial to have combat-hardened experts anchoring your cyber defenses. As an Elite MSSP Partner with Cloud Range, CyberMaxx’s security team gains hands-on, live-combat training and experience in a simulated SOC environment. The virtual cyber range solution allows our people – and your organization – to stay ahead of forthcoming threats.

Cloud Range empowers us to practice defending against real threats in a safe environment that emulates our complex network. That ensures our team has the methodologies, qualifications, skills, and judgment to defend against even the latest cyber threats. The ongoing program also creates muscle memory, which further prepares cyber defenders to act quickly and effectively during an incident.

Know exactly how prepared the people are who protect your organization.

CyberMaxx’s hands-on simulation training with Cloud Range yields measurable results (metrics and reporting) about the performance of our security personnel, demonstrating exactly how well they can detect, respond to, and remediate virtually any attack.

Hope is not a strategy when it comes to protecting mission-critical networks and data. As a customer engaging with and evaluating an MSSP, you shouldn’t just hope that they can do the job. Customers should know exactly how prepared their MSSP is to protect their organization. And by “know,” we mean that customers should have concrete data that demonstrates cyber readiness. Our continued partnership with Cloud Range ensures that our team is properly prepared, and our customers can rest easy knowing experienced defenders are protecting their mission-critical networks and data.