CyberMaxx Value Differentiation​

Offense Fuels Defense

Why Choose CyberMaxx?

CyberMaxx Value Differentiation​

Cyber threats are all around us, and no business is immune.​

​Attacks are not only a likely scenario but an expensive one, too. 83% of all businesses faced cyber threats last year, and a data breach’s average cost has risen to $4.45 million. Now more than ever, organizations need an expert partner to help navigate the ever-evolving threat landscape and deliver tailored security solutions that meet their unique risks, compliance needs, and budgets.​

At CyberMaxx, we think like an adversary, but we defend like a guardian.

The CyberMaxx Mission​

At CyberMaxx, we believe it is our duty to defend against those committed to wide-scale societal disruption through cyber attacks. ​

We wake up every day to serve our customers, and we embrace the cyber badge-of-honor that we carry and proudly stand shoulder to shoulder with all other industry cyber-defenders in this noble cause. ​

Advantages of Partnering with CyberMaxx​

When you partner with CyberMaxx, you get end-to-end protection geared to your needs

Comprehensive Security Strategy​

Our offensive-fuels-defense approach uses a blend of solutions, including MDR, red teaming, protective security controls, and many more — letting us serve as a one-stop shop for all things cybersecurity. You no longer need to clutter your provider list with a ton of vendors. With CyberMaxx, you get holistic, around-the-clock security through one trusted source.

Custom Solutions​

The one-size-fits-all approach to cybersecurity does not cut it in today’s threat landscape. Every organization has a unique IT infrastructure and “way of doing things,” leaving them vulnerable to their own specific security risks. Whether it’s to check a compliance box or adapt to emerging threats targeting your industry, we deliver personalized security solutions for you.​

A Proactive Approach​

While nearly all organizations are targets for a cyber attack, only 14% of them are actually prepared to defend themselves because most cybersecurity providers deploy reactive solutions based on previous threat tactics. Our assurance-before-defense approach goes beyond. We think like an adversary to deploy proactive controls that ready you for tomorrow’s threats.​

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