CyberMaxx Threat Research Series

In order to help foster collective intelligence among the cyber security community, CyberMaxx publishes insights and examples of active phishing kits uncovered during our threat research. We believe that by sharing the intelligence available to us with the broader cybersecurity community, organizations can more effectively stay ahead of the ever-evolving threats we all face.

In this series on phishing kits captured in the wild, we will largely be documenting some of the research we have done into how common criminals are also victimizing the general public, a topic often ignored by the industry.

These posts are meant to be educational and informative. In no way are they commenting on the teams and organizations that were targeted. Everyone is under attack. These threats negatively impact the operations of corporations and government entities as well as the lives of innocent consumers.

The CyberMaxx Offensive security team uncovers these in our routine threat research, not during specific client engagements.