Cybersecurity for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers

Healthcare Cybersecurity Experts Defending Sensitive Patient Data

Healthcare Cybersecurity

82% of healthcare organizations have faced targeting IoT cyber attacks.

Healthcare cyber attacks already account for trillions of dollars per year in damages to medical systems. Recent studies have concluded that some cybersecurity measures taken to remediate the problem may have potentially come at the cost of human lives.

With over 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry protecting organization’s network and device security, CyberMaxx has proven to be the go-to partner working with in-house teams to create a unified front against cyber threats.

CyberMaxx services include:

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With a client roster of over 1,000 healthcare facilities and 40% of the major hospital systems in the U.S., we keep customers happy to the tune of a 99% retention rate.
A Tailor-Made Experience
Our approach adapts as your business does with a comprehensive suite of security programs to anticipate, defend, and eliminate security threats in real-time.
Ransomware Attack

Medical Systems Have Reported Billions of Attempted Attacks Per Year

The threat of ransomware to hospitals and healthcare organizations is very real. An unprecedented number of medical institutions have experienced attacks resulting in:

  • Stolen Patient Data
  • Blocked Systems
  • Disruptions in Care
  • Confiscated R&D

As healthcare cybersecurity professionals, we must maximize our security posture while minimizing disruptions to ensure patients do not suffer the ramifications of healthcare IT vulnerabilities.

The Future of Cybersecurity in Healthcare

Is Your Hospital System Prepared?

At 3:30AM, Campbell County Health’s computer systems ground to a halt due to ransomware.

All inpatient admissions and outpatient services were disrupted and the Campbell County Commissioner declared a state of emergency.

Do you know what you would do in this situation?

Use this guide to ensure your hospital system is fully prepared for all cyber threats.