Vulnerability Risk Management (VRM)

Technology and Expertise Needed to Ensure Vulnerabilities are Quickly Identified and Remedied.

MAXX VRM - Managed Vulnerability Risk Management from CyberMaxx [VIDEO]

State-of-the-art Technology Meets Prioritized Remediation

Our MAXX VRM (Vulnerability Risk Management) managed vulnerability services provide the technology and human expertise needed to successfully perform periodic scanning of all systems to ensure that technical vulnerabilities and misconfigurations are identified and quickly remedied.

CyberMaxx provides an expert managed vulnerability analyst and an engineer who’s looking at your data with an eye towards enriching it with the threat intelligence and the business context and providing you the report and the recommendations on a day-to-day basis on what needs to be resolved.

In addition to our technology, experts, and processes, we’ve partnered with the best in order to make sure your data is secure.



MAXX VRM’s peerless threat intelligence system delivers the dynamic protection and cyber security expertise every organization needs.

How It Works
Monitor devices and web apps in internet perimeters, corporate networks, and cloud providers. Our team of cybersecurity experts handle the setup, configuration, vulnerability scanning, and reporting.
Prioritized Remediation
Our vulnerability management services prioritize remediation for you and provide actionable insights based on vulnerability severity, asset criticality, compliance requirements, and our unmatched threat intelligence.
Asset Tracking
Identify, organize, and dynamically select assets for managed vulnerability scanning or reporting, and discover rogue devices and web applications automatically.

Maxx VRM Features and Benefits:

  • Risk management engineers: A vulnerability risk management team of engineers that works with you.
  • Comprehensive capabilities: Handles operating systems, applications, and various different managed vulnerability services and protocols.
  • Actionable information: Actionable information to address the most critical vulnerabilities using a risk-based approach.
  • Insights to protect: Simplifies a daunting task and gives security and IT professionals the insight they need to protect their networks and systems while enabling compliance with security regulations and standards.
  • We do the heavy lifting: We do all the heavy lifting from configuring your VRM software and running scans to resetting the scan schedule.