Cybersecurity for State, Local Government, and Education (SLED)

SLED Cybersecurity Expertise

CyberMaxx strengthens your cyber resilience with our MDR services paired with a suite of complementary cyber services specifically for the State, Local Government, and Education industry.

State, Local Government, and Education (SLED) organizations play a vital role in providing essential services to their communities. However, they are increasingly becoming targets for cyber attacks, posing significant risks to sensitive data, critical infrastructure, and public trust.

At CyberMaxx, we understand the unique cybersecurity challenges faced by these organizations. As the leading provider of Managed Detection and Response (MDR), we know that staying ahead of adversaries is critical to securing your organization. In protecting our clients we think like an adversary, defend like a guardian.

Our Expertise and Approach

CyberMaxx has proudly supported State, Local Government, and Education (SLED) organizations of all sizes for over 20 years. Our collaborative approach enables us to work with your in-house team to implement comprehensive cybersecurity solutions that meet your unique operational and compliance needs while also addressing threats specific to the SLED market.

Powered by an “Offense Fuels Defense” strategy, our MDR solutions help quickly assess, track, and mitigate cyber threats based on in-depth attack research and analysis.

Who We Serve

Strategic Partnership with Carahsoft

CyberMaxx offers its industry leading MDR and complimentary services to the SLED market via a strategic partnership with Carahsoft.