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DFIR Rapid Response

Be as prepared as possible for a critical compromise to your network with a team of incident response experts on-call 24/7/365.

When a security incident happens, a swift response is essential for mitigating the impact and avoiding further harm. DFIR Rapid Response describes this process in which Digital Forensics and Incident Response come into play. By taking rapid action, it becomes possible to reduce the effects of the incident to an acceptable level.

When a DFIR Rapid Response is needed, an experienced group of security professionals will be called together to quickly find out the details and extent of the incident. Containment, collection, and prevention are key priorities; this could include disconnecting compromised systems, storing digital evidence, and poring over logs and traffic on the network to track down the attacker and establish the methods used to carry out the attack.

A successful DFIR Rapid Response is designed to quickly resume normal operations while preserving key evidence which may be needed for further analysis or prosecution. When done effectively, these actions can not only help organizations get back on their feet but also cut down on any future risks related to security incidents.

DFIR Rapid Response

What to Expect from a DFIR Rapid Response Situation

In a DFIR Rapid Response situation, organizations can expect a team of experts to quickly assess and contain the issue, gather evidence, and begin the process of determining the root cause of the incident.

This may involve identifying and containing any potential data breaches, analyzing system logs and network traffic, and conducting thorough forensic examinations of affected systems. The goal is to quickly return the impacted systems to a normal and secure state while also preserving evidence for future investigations.

Additionally, the DFIR team will work with the organization to develop a plan of action to prevent similar incidents from happening in the future.

How an Engagement Begins

DFIR Rapid Response is initiated by a discovery phone call to understand the type of incident, determine what tools and log sources are available to work with, and determine if the work can be done remotely or if someone needs to be dispatched onsite. CyberMaxx has DFIR staff in lower Manhattan, Kilkenny Ireland, Toronto Canada, and Bangkok Thailand allowing us to service North America, Europe, and Asia.

CyberMaxx’s first objective is to determine if the issue is contained and addresses it head-on if the intrusion is in progress. If suitable tools and log sources are available CyberMaxx works with the impacted company to obtain temporary access and launch immediate threat hunts. If there isn’t already a mature security monitoring stack in place, tools can be instantly deployed. A combination of open-source and custom tools and signatures are used to hunt for IOCs across the network.

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Benefits of DFIR Rapid Response from CyberMaxx

There are several benefits to using Cybermaxx for DFIR Rapid Response:

  • Quick Response Time: CyberMaxx is dedicated to responding quickly and effectively to any incidents that might arise. Our team of experienced professionals is available 24/7, so there will always be help on hand when it’s needed.
  • Expertise: Our team of DFIR experts has been learning and honing their expertise for many years. Their deep understanding of the field makes them ideal for tackling even the most difficult incidents.
  • Comprehensive Services: Cybermaxx offers a full range of DFIR services. Our offerings include incident response, data breach investigations, digital forensics, and threat hunting.
  • Customizable Solutions: We recognize the distinctiveness of each organization, so our services are entirely customizable. We guarantee that all our solutions will be tailored to suit your particular requirements.
  • Data Privacy: The importance of safeguarding data is at the top of our lists, and stringent measures are put in place to make sure that confidential information is managed in a secure way.
  • Continuous Support: Cybermaxx offers more than just addressing incidents – we are committed to assisting in building a secure environment for the present and future – because it’s not a matter of if, but when another incident takes place.

In addition to our technology, experts, and processes, we’ve partnered with the best in order to make sure your data is secure.

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