Ballast Risk Assessment Software

Spend Less Time Assessing Your Risk and More Time Managing It.

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Risk Assessment Software

BALLAST is packed with knowledge obtained from hundreds of risk assessments, as well as guidance from national and international standards-making bodies. The result is a tool that will streamline the risk assessment process, eliminate bottlenecks associated with manual approaches and allow for real-time tracking of remediation activities. Spend less time assessing and more time managing your risks with BALLAST.

Secure, cloud-based risk and compliance assessment software that makes your assessment process more efficient and provides up-to-date compliance reporting.

Risk Reports and Dashboards
Easy-to-use dashboards and reports deliver real-time feedback on risk levels and assessments.
Streamline Vendor Risk Management
Quickly deploy assessments to vendors and track risk ranking results in real-time.
Keep Track of Remediations
Remediation activities and due dates are easily created, assigned, and tracked.
Why CyberMaxx

BALLAST Risk Assessment Features and Benefits:

  • Improved visibility: Stop guessing and get full visibility into your organizational risks with a few simple clicks.
  • Proven expertise: We have worked directly with regulators and hundreds of organizations to lead successful risk assessments.
  • Fast deployment: Don’t worry about expensive infrastructure or complex integrations – you’ll be up and running in weeks, not months.