MDR + SIEM = Security Bliss

Featured SIEM Partners

CyberMaxx has strategic partnerships with industry-leading SIEM providers, including but not limited to:


We work closely with these partners to ensure that our team is always up to date on the latest product capabilities and best practices. We also have engagement models in place to deliver the best possible support to our shared customers.

The CyberMaxx Impact

Enhancing your SIEM with MaxxMDR will help your security team:

  • Eliminate security visibility gaps: Our experts will ensure that logs and other security signals are flowing into your SIEM from all available sources.
  • Avoid information overload: Drawing from our extensive offensive security expertise, we’ll implement a set of high-fidelity detection rules that are customized for your environment.
  • Detect threats on a 24x7x365 basis: Our analysts will monitor for threats on a 24x7x365 basis and perform validation, research, and escalation when verified threats are detected.
  • Contain incidents quickly: We’ll send information-rich notifications when verified critical incidents are detected and can optionally play the lead role in containment and recovery.
  • Refine and stress-test continuously: Our model includes recurring offensive security measures to strengthen your security posture and continuously improve detection efficacy.

Our approach to a customized partnership finely tunes our service to each customer’s specific security needs.

CyberMaxx SEIM Approach

CyberMaxx helps security teams realize the full potential of their SIEM through a managed detection and response (MDR) model that:

  • Optimizes SIEM data collection and threat detection.
  • Integrates expert 24x7x365 monitoring and response capabilities.
  • Uses offensive security to drive continuous improvement.

Embrace MDR Without Starting Over

While many MDR providers require customers to use a proprietary monitoring and threat detection platform, CyberMaxx gives you the flexibility to choose between a fully outsourced model or co-management of your own SIEM.

A co-managed SIEM model is the ideal option for organizations that:

  • Already have a major investment in SIEM tools and content.
  • Require direct physical control over their security event data.
  • Desire greater flexibility to customize their SIEM and response playbooks.
  • Expect the separation of duties between in-house personnel and their MDR provider to evolve over time.

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