Q3 2023 Ransomware Research Report

CyberMaxx threat researchers observed a 59% increase in successful ransomware attacks in Q3 2023, compared to Q2, and a 101% increase from Q1.

Q3 Observations

The AlphV Threat Group has drastically increased in activity by 400%. This group contributed 512 successful ransomware attacks to this quarter’s total volume, making up 28% of the overall figure.

Attackers continue targeting large organizations with supply chain attacks, and malware as a Service (MaaS) continues to rise in popularity. Organizations should continue to monitor for malware, including DarkGate, Emotet, QakBot, and Redline.

The CyberMaxx team of cyber researchers conducts routine threat research independent of client engagements. The purpose of our research is to help foster collective intelligence among the cybersecurity community.

While conducting their research, the team discovers and analyzes ongoing ransomware attacks occurring in the wild.

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