Continued Focus on Providing World-class Offensive and Defensive Cybersecurity Solutions Through a new Unified Delivery Model and Strengthened Leadership Team

NEW YORK, NY – January 11, 2024 –CyberMaxx, LLC, a tech-enabled cybersecurity services company, today announced that it experienced significant growth in 2023 after the successful combination of two industry-leading organizations, expanding its leadership team, and launching its next-generation Managed Detection and Response (MDR) solution MaxxMDR.

CyberMaxx and CipherTechs were combined in February 2023. Within three quarters, the newly formed company (retaining the CyberMaxx brand) was able to develop a unified service delivery model, updated offerings, and maintain retention rates and customer satisfaction scores, which is a validation of the effective integration.

Leadership Team Strengthened with Three Strategic Hires

In Q4 the company announced the addition of Aaron Shaha, Chief Information Security Officer, Gary Monti, Senior Vice President of Defensive Security, and Chris Braden, Vice President of Channel Sales.

Shaha brings a deep technical background in offensive security, threat intelligence, machine learning, and incident response to CyberMaxx. Before coming to CyberMaxx, Shaha spent ten years working for organizations in the private industry, including Deloitte. He is also a US Army veteran with 12 years of experience working within the National Security Agency. Shaha will lead the company’s Offensive Security, Security Research and Threat Intelligence, and Incident Response teams.

Monti will lead the company’s Managed Security Services, Engineering, Product Management and Customer Experience teams. In a career spanning more than 25 years, Monti has an outstanding track record of creating the standard for global operations. Monti’s systems deliver business-enabling Managed Detection and Response services (MDR), with an emphasis on innovation and protection. Monti’s previous experience was as Vice President of Service Delivery at Avertium, Director of Global Security Operations at SecureWorks, and Managing Vice President of Global Operations for BT Global Services.

Braden comes to CyberMaxx with over 20 years of experience in channel sales program development and management. He is also an established veteran of cybersecurity, including Managed Detection and Response (MDR). Before CyberMaxx, he successfully built and ran the channel program for Akamai and for the global MDR company eSentire. Braden will develop a channel program to help accelerate CyberMaxx’s growth and expand its reach.

In H1 of 2023 CyberMaxx added Brian Ahern, Chief Executive Officer, Clint Poole, Chief Marketing Officer, Anne Correia, Vice President of Customer Experience, and Christine Karaptian, Chief People Officer. The new leadership team continues to drive the transformation of the new CyberMaxx and work with customers to understand the importance of security and compliance prior to embarking on specific environment protection.

New Market Offering – Next-Gen Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Solution

CyberMaxx experienced growth in its Defensive offerings, the key focus for the combined organization. As the cybersecurity market evolves, there is a growing call for organizations who provide a combined offering of defensive and offensive solutions. In a recent report published by ESG, analyst Dave Gruber states that “organizations are operationalizing these offensive activities, creating a continuous view and a reduction of risk.”

CyberMaxx launched its next-generation Managed Detection and Response (MDR) solution MaxxMDR and its associated MDR Bundles to address this growing market demand. MaxxMDR uniquely leverages insights from the company’s Offensive, DFIR, and Threat Research services to strengthen customer’s defenses with high-fidelity detections.

“2023 was an incredible year where we successfully created a unified delivery model, continued to create raving fans amongst our customers, and created the organization that will drive even more success in the future,” said Brian Ahern, CEO of CyberMaxx. “Our focus remains defending our customers against the ever-evolving adversary landscape, and we are better positioned to do that than ever.”

You can learn more about the MaxxMDR solution at and learn about MaxxMDR bundles at

About CyberMaxx: CyberMaxx, LLC., founded in 2002, is a tech-enabled cybersecurity service provider headquartered in New York, NY. Through a comprehensive set of services CyberMaxx empowers customers to Assess, Monitor, and Manage cyber risk and stay ahead of emerging threats. CyberMaxx serves over 400 customers providing a complete cybersecurity portfolio across MDR Services, Offensive Security, Governance, Risk & Compliance, DFIR, and 3rd party security product sourcing.

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