Nashville, TN — CyberMaxx today announced that it is the first to be named an Elite MSSP Partner with Cloud Range, the industry-leading cybersecurity simulation training solution that helps organizations reduce cyber risk. The designation comes after CyberMaxx completed a series of advanced, real-world, team-based simulation exercises reflecting a variety of cyberattack scenarios and complexity levels.

Much like flight simulators, Cloud Range’s simulation solution effectively prepares security teams to work together to detect and mitigate attacks, reducing the chances of a costly breach. An early adopter of the experiential-learning solution, CyberMaxx uses it to quickly and effectively develop the skills and capabilities of new team members and continue to upskill more advanced members given the increasing complexity of cyberattacks.

“The Cloud Range platform is a critical tool for our leadership team to evaluate the skillset of individual SOC team members and see firsthand how our teams of cyber first responders work together to tackle incidents. The ability to observe and evaluate those things on-demand, without having to wait for a real incident, is priceless,” said Jason Riddle, CEO of CyberMaxx.

“Having realistic training that allows our security operations team to conduct hands-on training is invaluable. Cloud Range gives us the ability to focus on common attack patterns, new threats, and vulnerabilities, along with an ever-changing cyber landscape. We have the flexibility to create a training environment that fits our current customers and focuses on their needs for security,” said Jon Matthews, VP, Cybersecurity Operations at CyberMaxx.

CyberMaxx partnered with Cloud Range to help ensure its cyber defense team is able to proactively prepare to protect customers against cyberattacks. Using its advanced cyber range platform, Cloud Range develops custom attack simulations using threat intelligence sources that map to the MITRE ATT&CK framework. CyberMaxx’s teams work together in the platform to detect, investigate, respond, and remediate live, simulated attacks, enabling them to improve their technical skills and abilities, as well as their communication and collaboration. The ongoing program creates muscle memory, which further prepares cyber defenders to act quickly and effectively during an incident.

“When a customer evaluates or engages with an MSSP, they can’t just ‘hope’ the MSSP is prepared to defend their mission-critical networks and data. They need to know it. Cloud Range’s Elite MSSP Partner Level ensures customers of participating MSSPs can be confident their service providers can actually do what they say they can do,” said Debbie Gordon, CEO of Cloud Range. “CyberMaxx’s ongoing partnership with Cloud Range not only empowers the team, but it also enables CyberMaxx to have concrete data that demonstrates cyber readiness.”

About CyberMaxx
CyberMaxx is a leading provider of MSSP and MDR solutions. CyberMaxx leverages proprietary software and institutionalized healthcare expertise to target healthcare and other highly regulated industries that require specialized security solutions. With a customer-first culture, CyberMaxx’s experts provide customers 24/7/365 protection through a full suite of services including endpoint threat detection and response (MAXX EDR), network-based threat detection and prevention (MAXX NETWORK), and security information and event management (MAXX SIEM). The company also offers vulnerability risk management (MAXX VRM), incident response (MAXX Response), and risk assessment services (BALLAST Risk Assessment Software). CyberMaxx’s solutions are designed to give customers peace of mind that their systems, infrastructure, and data are secure. Learn more at:

About Cloud Range
Cloud Range is a pioneer in cybersecurity simulation training, providing the first-ever full-service, customizable cyberattack simulation training solution in the world. Used by enterprise SOC and incident response teams, managed security service providers (MSSPs), governments, higher education institutions, utilities, critical infrastructure, and many other industries, Cloud Range enables organizations to accelerate the cyber defense skills of their cybersecurity professionals using its proprietary simulation training and assessment platform. Customers can train security teams, assess candidates, onboard new hires, and improve cybersecurity team skills, significantly reducing cyber risk. Cloud Range won the CISO Choice Award for security education and training, is a TAG Cyber 2021 Distinguished Vendor, and is on Cybercrime Magazine’s list of the Hot Cybersecurity Companies to Watch. Learn more at MSSPs interested in participating in the Cloud Range MSSP Partner Program can request information at