Aaron Shaha, CISO at CyberMaxx, joins Dark Reading’s Terry Sweeney at News Desk during the RSA Conference to discuss what an “offense that fuels defense” strategy entails.

This 7-minute interview covers the following topics:

  • What’s keeping him up at night
  • Unique approach to offense fuels defense
  • Perspective on AI and threat hunting
  • Security culture within organizations

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Aaron Shaha, CISO at CyberMaxx is a Strategic Information Security Executive and subject matter expert with a record of pioneering cybersecurity trends by developing novel security tools and techniques that align with corporate objectives. Known for building and leading strong teams that provide technology-enabled business solutions for start-ups, industry leaders (Deloitte and its Fortune clients), and government agencies (NSA). Skilled at developing information security strategies and standards, leading threat detection and incident response teams to mitigate risk, and communicating effectively across all levels of an organization.