Webinar Overview

This webinar features CyberMaxx SVP of Security Operations, Gary Monti, and Airbnb Senior staff engineer, Allyn Stott discussing how to successfully build a modern detection and response program, all while navigating never-ending incidents and unforgiving on-call schedules.

Gone are the days of buying an EDR/IDS/NGAV combo, utilizing engineers for an on-call rotation, and calling it your incident response team. You need a robust and comprehensive detection and response program to fight modern-day attackers. There are a lot of challenges in the way: alert fatigue, tools are expensive, hiring talent is impossibly difficult, and your current team is overworked from constant firefights.

This talk addresses the lack of a framework, which has led to ineffective, outdated, and after-thought detection and response programs. At the end of this talk, you will walk away with a better understanding of all the capabilities a modern program should have and a framework to build or improve your own.

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