With CyberMaxx’s scalable endpoint protection, our team of experts becomes an extension of your team giving them the firepower and bandwidth to keep up with the ever-changing security landscape.

With a 24/7 SOC, your team will go beyond just receiving a ticket as our response service security analysts handle the containment and remediation.

By the time the team has received a notification, our team has already begun containment and remediation – in some cases, we’ve already fixed the problem.

To learn more, watch the video on why our MAXX EDR is a best-in-class solution to many organizations’ problems concerning endpoint protection.

Video Transcript

Endpoints…can be dangerous.

These threats represent the single biggest cybersecurity attack vector of choice.

Endpoints are highly susceptible to advanced threats when left unprotected, and without true cybersecurity threat experts at the ready, yours are already vulnerable to malicious activity.

That’s where MAXX EDR by CyberMaxx can help by extending your team with our experts trained to manage the complexity of endpoint security.

How you may ask?

MAXX EDR offers clients a wealth of experience and knowledge to confidently ensure endpoint security, and handle containment and remediation of an attack all while safeguarding your network to the…max.

In rapid fashion, a dedicated cybersecurity team will:

  • Monitor endpoints threats
  • Perform strategic incident analyses
  • Detect behavioral anomalies
  • and begin remediation

This means once you’ve been alerted to potential threats, our managed EDR service ensures that we’ve already acted.

Let’s recap that quickly.

Before you’ve even been notified, our team is already working on, if not already fixed the problem.

In addition to our…

  • Experts
  • Processes,
  • and technology,

…we’ve partnered with the best to make sure your data is secure.

CyberMaxx, arm yourself with, leading cybersecurity experts, processes, and technology that have been refined for over 20 years. It’s a Win-Win.