Hosted by Mike Marino, the Director of Customer Success, this recent panel discussion features insights from CyberMaxx experts. Connor Jackson, Cybersecurity Research Manager, and Jaime Beckman, Application Security Manager, cover various topics, including threat intelligence, risk management, and security vulnerabilities.

The panel begins by discussing threat intelligence. They highlight how the visibility of your network and tool stack is vital. This visibility is essential for producing threat data and generating actionable intelligence that enables the proper personnel to remediate cyber risks quickly. It then transitions into how companies should handle risk management.

The approach treats it as a blend of understanding threats unique to your organization. It also involves implementing general best practices. These practices include maintaining IT visibility, staying proactive, and managing security as a repeatable lifecycle. The goal is to ultimately achieve a zero-risk model.

The conversation later highlights several key aspects, including:

  • Filtering threat intelligence, which involves tactical, operational, and strategic levels.
  • Identifying the most crucial information for the organization.
  • Best practices for parsing through irrelevant data to find valuable insights.
  • Techniques for dealing with data related to vulnerability scans and zero-day exploit attacks.

Finally, the discussion concludes with risk management through layered security. It also addresses challenges associated with using bug bounty programs for vulnerability management, including the concept of attacks that can “break the entire chain” of controls. The panel also outlines trends that show cyber threat actors primarily target technology rather than specific industries.

Learn how to get more value from your threat intelligence and improve your organization’s security posture by checking out the full video on our YouTube.