We at CyberMaxx take the relationships we have with our customers seriously.

If we fail them, we fail ourselves.

That’s why we go to great lengths in order to make sure their needs are taken care of and we nurture these friendships through our work.

CyberMaxx set out to find out how much our customers love us and we were humbled by the results.

We received an NPS of 72.

In the end, not only do our customers love us, but we love our customers.

Video Transcript

Everyone says that they’re the best when it comes to managed detection and response, but do you want to work with a company that actually is?

That’s where CyberMaxx comes in.

With a Net Promoter Score of 72, we have raving fans of our managed detection and response services.

And no, we didn’t pay survey respondents off to inflate this score. We didn’t have to.

With our white-gloved approach to managed detection and response, we make sure that each customer of CyberMaxx feels as special as if it’s their birthday, every day.

Match that with a 99% customer retention rate, and you’ve got customer satisfaction gold.

With MDR services that cover:

CyberMaxx has a full suite of services to make sure your organization’s networks and devices are protected.

We promise you’ll be the next to leave us a perfect NPS 10 score.