MAXX MDR is the next generation of Managed Detection and Response, providing proactive prevention and rapid response to today’s and tomorrow’s most pervasive threats.

CyberMaxx today announced the launch of MAXX MDR, a holistic, three-pronged approach to cybersecurity protection. The problem is many cyberattacks have become increasingly sophisticated with ample funding and automation. Most MDR providers lack integration expertise due to insufficient workflow across disparate products and services. What sets MAXX MDR apart is its proprietary solutions, custom-built in-house to work together collaboratively to protect your organization. MAXX MDR doesn’t solely detect and remediate cyberattacks; We strive to prevent them. With Gartner predicting 50% of organizations will be using MDR services by 2025, proactively choosing the right partner with the track record to tackle healthcare organizations’ unique needs is crucial. CyberMaxx’s combination of three proven technologies drives deeper analysis and more proactive prevention, freeing organizations to focus on their business initiatives at a fraction of the cost (and headache) of managing multiple vendors or building a solution in-house. MAXX MDR is comprised primarily of three technologies, along with optimal 24/7/365 monitored protection, both on-prem and in the cloud:

CyberMaxx Introduces MAXX MDR Solution

  • MAXX SIEM, is a custom-developed analytics platform that focuses on threat detection and minimizes false positives, providing unprecedented visibility and noise reduction.
  • MAXX Network, security sensors with a shared threat model address new and emerging threats.
  • MAXX EDR, is a fully managed and integrated CrowdStrike implementation for endpoint detection and response service.

“MAXX MDR is CyberMaxx’s response to the aggressive cyberattacks and ransomware we’re seeing again and again in healthcare organizations across the nation,” said Thomas Lewis, CyberMaxx CEO. “Since our inception, it has been CyberMaxx’s goal to be a force multiplier for our customers in preventing breaches, and Maxx MDR delivers on that promise.” With a 15+ year track record of success and 99% customer retention rate, you can rest assured that at CyberMaxx, your organization will receive the highest quality of care, giving you the peace of mind that your systems and data are secure.